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All You Need to Know about Steel Building Homes and Why You Should Invest in One

Steel building homes are on a continuous rise to popularity for multiple reasons. From major cost savings to durability, these steel home structures offer a lot to users. They can be used as residential spots, for housing extra home items, for business activities, such as a car repair shop, and for equipment storage, such as farm and wood supplies. Currently, the most famous steel structures are the Brooklyn Bridge, Eiffel Tower and Walt Disney Concert Hall.

The early 20th century experienced a growth in popularity of steel building homes. During the World War II, their use became more prevalent when Quonset Huts were built on steel frames for the purpose of providing the US Navy shelter and protection. However, after the war, the US Navy sold the huts where they became a popular form of accommodation, resulting in the construction of more steel buildings.

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Why Invest in Steel Building Home Kits

At present day, steel building homes come in pre-engineered and prefabricated kits and in turn offer great benefits as compared to a traditionally built structure. To begin with, these kits are available in an array of sizes, shapes, styles and prices and can even be precisely customized in accordance with the buyer’s needs. Whether you are looking to utilize a steel building as garage, shed, storage or a shop, you will easily be able to find a kit that best fits your needs.

It is no surprise that building structures are expensive, especially if built using traditional methods. The material, design, labor and additional costs weigh down one’s dream of owning a home. However, with pre-engineered steel building kits, the cost can be curbed. This is due to the fact these kits greatly reduce the construction time period, hence minimizing the construction costs too, over 50%.

Predesigned steel kits offer numerous benefits when it comes to qualities like maintenance, durability and energy costs. Because steel is highly weather resistant and durable, your residential structure will be able to withstand natural disasters, like twisters, hurricanes, harsh winds, snowfall and acid rain.

Furthermore, you need not also worry about termite infestations and the hassle of hiring an exterminator. Insurance companies also love steel buildings since they are fire and weather resistant, and you as a resident will also experience some major insurance savings after investing in this structure.

Another great benefit comes from the fact that steel structures require less maintenance and repairs. Steel does not rot, split or crack unlike other building materials, and you will also be presented with the choice of having your steel kit painted or coated by the manufacturer. Because steel is 100% recyclable and does not release toxic chemicals, it is also considered an environmentally friendly material.

Steel Building Homes: Types

Prior to purchasing a steel building kit, it is a good idea to be clear about the basics. There are several types of steel building homes, including

Quonset Hut

The classic Quonset hut prefab building is the most popular steel kit. This sort of building is known as the Arch type in the construction industry and has a self-supporting structure and no interior posts or beams. First introduced in Rhode Island, this metal building type can withstand any natural disaster and is known as the strongest and most economical structure in this sector. Quonset hut structures come in two primary shapes:

  • A semi-circular shaped structure
  • Semi-circular roof structure with straight walls tunneled into the ground.

With this type of building, erecting, installation, assembling and dissembling are relatively easy and cost-effective. This model is a best fit for open-end structures, for instance crops and grains storage. However, insulation and door installation may prove rather costly and difficult. Arch steel buildings can be used for numerous purposes; the application you need one for will also assist you in determining the size you need. Take your time to think about all the possible things you may use it for, now and in the future.

Arch steel buildings can be purchased online and you can even invest in a DIY and assemble arch steel building kit. If you are not a handyman, contact the professional construction company that you are buying from and they can provide an assembly service for you at an additional charge. If you are spending a lot of money on your new construction, it is a good idea to make sure it is professionally assembled, especially if you are not sure what you are doing.

Many people think these steel buildings are prone to rust, but modern treatment methods like galvanizing ensure that if bought from a reputable manufacturer it will last for quite some time, at least 30 to 50 years. There are those that are made by manufacturers who are more focused on cutting costs. Going for a lower quality kit is not a good investment decision and may pose problems in the future. It is therefore a good idea to avoid the ‘cheap’ way and go the ‘reasonable’ way.

Clear Span Building

A Clear Span building made from steel uses support beams overhead, often of girder type construction. These overhead beams span the width of the building. This reduces the number of support columns needed or eliminates them entirely. The smaller the building, the more cost efficient the Clear Span technique. For agricultural and garage applications, the arched, Clear Span style is an extremely cost-effective choice. However, once they are of a width that requires the installation of girders as roof supports, the cost effectiveness of the Clear Span style is reduced.

Straight Wall Buildings

Straight wall buildings have more enclosed and usable space when compared to an Arch prefab with the same size footprint. Additionally, straight wall buildings are easier to attach to and blend with an existing structure.

Shipping Container Steel Homes

These types of steel building homes have gained significant popularity in recent times. These homes are created out of old metal shipping containers in some instances, or are fashioned into a rectangle. These box-styled homes may feature a deck with stairs, a single rectangle with windows, or they can be numerous levels or have multiple containers connected to each other. This minimalistic trend is rapidly becoming popular since it can be customized with stylish hardwood floors, high ceilings, and more.

Pole Barn Homes

A metal pole barn uses anchored columns that can be made from different materials, including metals and steel. These barns are weather resistant, durable and mold-resistant, making them best suited for storage purposes and housing livestock. Furthermore, they are economical and can be built quickly. However, they may not be as strongly resistant to rough winds as other structures.

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Buying Steel Building Home: Important Factors to Consider

Before investing in a steel building home, it is crucial you first go through the following factors to aid your decision:

Quality, Strength and Longevity of the Steel Building

Not every steel building is manufactured equally and hence the metals used in the building’s construction will differ from vendor to vendor. Furthermore, the building’s design itself can contribute to the strength or weakness of the whole building. As a purchaser, it will be difficult to assess the quality and strength of a building. Showroom floors and pictures cannot be trusted, and only when the structured has been used up for several years will the repercussions of choosing a weak building start to show up.

So, one way of going about this problem is manufacturer’s warranty. If the warranty only covers a couple of years or so, it is an indication the building is not strong enough for the long haul. Some construction companies offer warranties that go as long as 30 years or more.

Building Style and Design

Although aesthetics come second to the building’s actual purpose, looks are still an important factor that requires attention. The visuals of a steel building on your property can greatly augment or detract from the overall worth of the property. In present day, steel building homes take up the look of more garages and guest homes rather than the basic steel building of the past.

Although the roof and sides of a steel building are made of metal, the back and front panels of the steel kit can be designed with wood, aluminum siding, or stone. Selecting a design that best complements your home can greatly heighten the general aesthetic factor of your premise and boost its value.

Construction Materials

As mentioned above, not every steel building will use the same type and quality of materials. lt is therefore important to choose a building made from well coated steel that safeguards it from harsh natural elements, like sunlight wind and snow. Moisture will result in a poor material or untreated steel building to get rusty rather quickly, not only making the structure look unsightly but also weaken  over time.

The kind of metal used for manufacturing the building can also greatly affect the temperature indoors. Using Galvalume Plus Steel helps cool down the buildings in summer and makes the heating process quicker during the winter. Regulating the temperature inside your steel house is important whether you are using the building for residential, storage or business purpose.

Steel building homes have long been a perfect solution for storage, but with so many diverse options on hand today, it is essential to first thoroughly do your research prior to making an investment. A couple of hours of research now can help you select a steel building that will stand strong and look great for years to come.

Steel Building Homes: Costs

The cost of a steel building is principally influenced by the reseller. These producers authorize the reseller to mark up the steel structures at the price they like, yet the market price is decided by competition. The more quotes a customer gets, the better they are able to tell what a fair rate is.

Taking rough estimates, a building size of 40 foot x 60 foot for example, will cost a certain sum after adding up factors, like the location and other accessories you need. If you are going for a Quonset hut or Straight wall, you can expect a per square cost of $10, and a total cost of $24,000. Other charges will include the delivery fee (approximately 8% of the total cost) of $1920. Now, add extra accessories like doors, windows and insulation (about 20% of $24000), leading to an amount of $4800. All these factors should add up to $30720, a good guesstimate of what to expect.

Mostly, for steel building homes, the price can vary from $6,000 to $30,000 for a 40 x 60 shop structure. Additional costs will clearly come from further accessorizing and beautifying the place, which will depend on the buyer’s financial ability, needs and requirements.

Dealing With Your Steel Building Home Buyer

Once you have settled on your choice of steel building manufacturer, it is preferred you enquire about the following factors to get the most out of your purchase:

  • Settle before sealing the deal how often will the dealer be willing to go through building inspection to detect any need for repairs, renovation and/or additional construction.
  • Building ethics. Make sure your construction contract abides by the building’s rules and regulations. Receive your building permit by sending in a blueprint of the building along with a letter of structural assurance and building schedules to avoid any future conflicts and problems.
  • Dealer’s reputation. You don’t want to be getting in the hands of someone inefficient and unprofessional. It is therefore critical that you carry out a thorough background check on the dealer’s reputation, testimonials, capabilities and commendable features to avoid errors and major property problems later.