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All the Questions You Have About Prefab Barns Answered

All the Questions You Have About Prefab Barns Answered

Prefabricated barns, also known as prefab barns, are a go-to option for people looking to luxuriously and comfortably accommodate their livestock or making suitable arrangements for their storage items and farm machinery. Basically, these prefabricated barns are constructed beforehand and come 90% complete, in individual sections, from the manufacturers. On receiving the different sections, you can either choose to assemble it yourself, more like a DIY project, or have a professional do the job.

Features of a Prefab Barn

Common features of a prefab barn are usually compartmental and lofty in nature, including:

  • Track Room: This is the room that offers place for items like saddles and bridles.
  • Feed Room: Designed for animal feed storage. However, modern prefab barns consist of feed bales in a stack yard instead of a feed room.
  • Drive Bay: A large corridor made for machinery and animals.
  • Ensilage: For storing fermented grains.
  • Grain Bin: Fashioned out of wood, a grain bin is found near the mow for cow feeding purposes.
  • Milk House: Used for storing milk before it is shipped, and is typically a specialty of a dairy barn.

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What Are The Different Types Of Prefab Barns?

A diverse selection of prefab barns and metal barn kits are available today globally. In fact, small horse barns are the current fashion trend, giving tough competition to pole barn manufacturers. Using a prefab barn reduces most of the hassle you face when setting up a new barn. Commonly, prefab barns are categorized in the following way:

  • Purpose: Poultry, horse barns, livestock, storage, tobacco, threshing barns.
  • Material: Steel, stone, poles, wood, metal.
  • Type of Room: Gable, gambrel, hip, monitor.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Prefab Barn?

Ease of Construction

One of the many benefits that come with choosing a prefab barn is the ease of building and installation. Since the structures are 90% complete, assembling becomes a breeze. Furthermore, the kit comes inclusive with all the materials and hardware, so you can put it together right on your premises without frantically searching for help.

And because the barn timbres are prefabricated and cut to size by the manufacturers, the room for wastage, errors and measuring is greatly minimized. So, even if you are not the ‘engineer’ of the house, you should be fine when assembling or disassembling these kits.

Strength and Durability

Prefab barns made from steel offer exceptional strength, durability and resistance. This is because steel is an extremely strong and resistant building material. Steel has been progressively becoming popular for many structural designs and building applications.

Environmentally Sound

With the present trend towards “greener” and “environmentally friendly” construction materials, steel has an apparent benefit. Because steel is recyclable and doesn’t release toxic chemicals, there is a popularizing trend toward reforming and reusing the metal into new materials. This is obviously more sought-after than the use of virgin timber as used in typical wood construction. It allows the expenditure of the materials to be more lucrative, while using materials that would have taken up landfill space.

Diversity of Options

When going prefab barns, you can choose from a variety of materials (metal, stone, wood, steel, and poles), designs, styles, shapes and colors. With the recent technology, your prefab barn can be tailored precisely in accordance with your needs.


If your prefab barn requires an obstacle-free interior environment for up to 300 feet in width, you can think about a clear-span construction. This means there are no interior support columns and capitalize on the useable floor space. In addition, even though the width cannot be changed once established, the length of the structure can be virtually infinite.

What Are The Different Types Of Prefab Barns?

There are a number of materials to pick from when browsing the different kinds of prefab barns. However, the most in style are the metal barn that is typically constructed with rust-proof steel, wooden barn and vinyl barn. Metal sheds are easier and much quicker to assemble and are less costly as compared to wooden sheds. The downside of this material nevertheless remains its durability. Metal barns do encounter quality issues, often in the long run, especially due to harsh weather conditions for a long period of time.

So, if you are still planning to purchase a metal prefab barn, make sure it is galvanized or hot dipped. This extra process will ensure the improved resistance of the barn to certain elements over the years to come. Wooden prefab barns are, of course, fashioned out of wood and are considered the most durable barns you can purchase. They do cost a couple of hundred dollars more than their metal counterparts but you can be certain the structure is free of maintenance and highly weather resistant.

If you are building a wooden barn from a kit, all you require are some basic carpentry skills to get the job done or you can have a ready-made one delivered to your place to save on the whole assembling process. Vinyl sheds also call for minimal to zero maintenance. They are also highly durable and will not rust or rot as compared to metal or wooden prefab barns.

Some Tips for an Ideal Prefab Barn

Prefab barns are a great alternative to building your own barn since they are much cheaper and faster than an ordinary or traditional house barn.

  • Install non-slipping flooring or place rubber or sandy soil mats to prevent your animals from slipping and falling at any time.
  • Have all the bulbs and lighting of the barn placed safely in cages to protect its wiring from getting nibbled by rodents. Additionally, the wiring should also be moisture proof to avoid any possibility of electric shock. Locate switches in places that cannot be reached by the animals.
  • Install windows for proper ventilation. Ensure, however, that these windows and outlets are covered with mesh or grills to eliminate the risk of birds entering and disturbing the animals and making a mess.
  • When feeding or watering your animals in the barn, it is a good idea to locate the water pails somewhere on the wall. Another option would be to use feeding tubs of the supported wall for water storage purposes.

How Much Do Prefab Barns Cost?

You may originally assume that prefab barns are extremely expensive. However, the prices of these barns start at approximately $150 and go up to $10,000. Obviously, the price will depend on several factors, like the size, material used, and extra added features, like insulation and windows. For instance, barns that can double as external living spaces will definitely cost more.

On average, a barn that is big enough to accommodate a lawnmower and other garden equipment costs roughly around $2,000. Although this sounds a pretty humongous amount, in reality the materials bought for barn construction might cost you more than what you should be spending.

Why Take the Help Of A Contractor When Installing A Prefab Barn?

Installing a prefab barn via a contractor guarantees that work will be carried out regardless of the situation. If an error has been made during the process of installation, the dealer will be responsible for the damage and repairs. Speaking of repairs, in case your barn gets damaged due to harsh weather, you can order special parts and replace the wearied ones. And because they are prefab, you can rest assured they will fit.

Where Can You Buy Prefab Barns?

You can purchase sheds from various places, both online and offline. The majority of home improvement stores have prefab barns set up on their lot near the garden center. You can find them as simple as a one-storey 8×8 shed with a gabled roof, to as complex as a two-storey space with a lean to one side and large barn like doors at the entrance.

Possibly, the major advantage of purchasing a prefab barn is the amount of time saved. As a homeowner, you will be accountable for arranging the plot where the barn will sit. From there on, you can either take an active role in the construction of the shed yourself or sit back and let the experts handle it. You are most likely to have a completely purposeful storage space in less than a few days.

Prefab barns are a great way to free up space in your home. Investing in prefab barns is the top way to address your storage problems. Most prefab storage kits come with all the hardware and accessories including the foundation, doors and walls. This makes it much more convenient than having to buy a lumber and constructing a shed from scratch. The prefab kits are easy to assemble and are definitely more reasonably priced than a shed kit.


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