Pole Barn Kits: Prices, Durability & Everything


Building a pole barn may not be the most straightforward task you have ever come across, but if you are a do-it-yourself kind of a person than you can take on the job.

Of course, there are details involved in the process. Much like building anything you need to make sure that the engineering and design of the end product are sustainable. In addition to this, the pole barn needs to fulfill all your requirements.

Keeping the requirements in mind, you can build a pole barn using a pole barn kit.  Looking to renovate the existing barn or adding an entirely new one? You need a few tips that can help you with the process and make it easier.

Pole barn building is also known as post-frame building, but there is a little difference between the terms post frame and pole buildingpole barn kits

Post-frame and Pole Barn: The difference

Pole barns were a term used initially when builders used poles such as telephone poles to build the framework of the barn. This trend faded with time and columns were constructed to build pole-barns. These square-shaped columns are less challenging to work with and are far sturdier than the poles. Today laminated columns are being used in making these pole-barns.

Pole barns were not as “engineered” as they are today. Now, these buildings are referred to as post-frame buildings as codes and proper engineering is used in building these versatile barns.

Following are a few things you need to consider before you plan on building a pole-barn

1. The codes

You need to be aware of the building codes required by your town and state. The city you live in determines what kind of codes that govern the building process in your locality. The codes for a building depend on the purpose of the building. For example, a building housing a retail business will have different regulations than a pole barn construction.

2. The weather and site for the building

The building materials you will be used depending on the weather and other site conditions. The soil, the snow conditions and everything else will have to be taken into consideration.

3. Engineering

You can use the sturdy columns to build the pole barn, but if the engineering of the building is not done right, it may not turn out to be the most functional and versatile barn. The truss you will use needs to be adequately secured to the columns being used, and the column needs to a part of the foundation of the building. If these things aren’t right, this may end up being a problem for the overall structure of the barn.

4. The Size

The size and aesthetics of the pole-barn depend on its proximity to other buildings and also the space you have allocated for the building.

5. The Windows of the building

Access and ventilation are necessary for the pole barn. No matter what you will use it for; it is likely that you will be spending some time there. Proper insulation is also quite necessary when it comes to an outdoor pole barn. No one wants a room where the heat keeps escaping during the winter and all the nice, cool air from the AC escaping in summer.

6. Ventilation

Ventilation is also key, especially if you are going to be using the building for your vehicle. You would want the exhaust from the vehicle to dispel properly.

7. The Electricity

No construction is complete without proper electrical wiring. You need adequate lighting, air conditioning and even heating for the pole barn. The wiring you will need for the project depends on your needs.

8. The Layout

The layout needs to be accommodating, and you should easily be able to transport things to and from the pole barn. The layout should be designed in a manner that it fully utilizes the size of the land.

9. Planning for the site

When considering the place for setting up the pole-barn, make sure that it is an area of your property that is not crucial to any other activity. If you are willing to clear out some area for the specifics, you can do so to get the perfect pole barn. Making a proper plan before you step into buying a pole-barn kit for yourself is necessary. That is especially true for the area you will designate for the pole-barn – it has to be adequately measured beforehand. pole barn kits price

10. Dimensions

The dimensions you will be putting in depend on what you will be using the pole-barn for. Also, keep in mind your plans for the pole barn and what more you will be using it for.

11. Is it fulfilling the purpose?

Depending on what you will be storing in the pole barn or using it for, you need to plan and build according to what you need it for. If you are planning to build it for storage purposes, make sure that the structure is built accordingly.

Pole Barn Kits

If you are planning to take on the task of building the pole-barn you need. You should be aware of all the necessary details of a pole- barn kit. There are several options to choose from online and with the careful research, you may end up with an excellent pole-barn package.

A pole-barn kit is the easiest and the most cost-effective method of initiating the project. Moreover, it is necessary to perceive this as a project even when you are doing t yourself.

A proper approach will help you allocate the budget, apply proper engineering techniques and set a time frame for the completion of the work. A pole-barn kit encases everything you would need for a pole-barn.

What will you find in Pole barn Kit

A pole barn kit encases all the necessary materials and equipment you will need to complete the entire structure. It also comes with a set of instructions that describe the use of everything encased in the kit.

Check the kit for a premium grade materials, especially the lumber. Make sure the wood trusses can be used as per the building codes of your city or state. The kit also comes with a metal roofing and siding that is high-quality metal.

Following are all the materials that will be available in any pole barn kit, given that you have bought it from a responsible source.

  1. Wood trusses that are compliant with the codes (4/12pitch, 4’ O/C)
  2. Eave posts that have been treated, (8-ft,10-ft or 12-ft O/C)
  3. Gable posts (treated and full-length) 12’ O/C
  4. skirt boards 2×8 (Treated) ( 1row)
  5. 2×4 Wall grits – or 2×6 grits (24’’ O/C)
  6. Girt truss carrier that is according to code
  7. Roof purlins (24’ O/C) (2×4)
  8. Post bracing (temporary)
  9. Blocks (truss)
  10. Cleats (treated) at the foundation of the posts for an increased protection
  11. Concrete footers (Precast) ( a mix made of concrete) if you are planning for a larger sized building
  12. Painted Galvalume (29 gauge) for trimming and roofing or siding
  13. A warranty consisting of 40 years for the paint and at least a 25-year warranty against corrosion

The metal components will include

  • A ridge cap
  • J-Channel
  • Closure straps (foam)
  • A gable trim
  • An eave trim
  • The trim for outside corners
  • Rat Guard
  1. Fasteners
  • 1 to 1 ½’’ Painted side screws and the roofing material
  • 2’’ screws for the ridge cap (painted)
  • Framing nails (16-D)
  • Truss Carrier Nails (40 D Ring-Shank)
  • 1 to 1/2“ tie nails for rafters
  • Simpson rafter ties H2.5

If you are planning to go the other route where you will shop for each thing at the lumber yard, this will not be very cost-effective.

The pole barn kit is one of the most budget-friendly ways to build one yourself. It also comes complete with a blueprint instruction; these will also identify the steps for assembling the complete structure.

Some kits also come with proper 3D Cad drawings that come with visual representations of each step.

Pole barn kits also come with options for choosing accessories such as windows and doors. You can separately select these accessories depending on your aesthetic. You can choose from sliding doors, double doors, Dutch doors, Scandinavian designs or steel doors.

Pole-barn kits also come with customizable options as well. You can get the accessories, dimensions, and structure according to your specifications. The color and of the exterior can also be customized to suit your preferences.

There are a variety of choices if you are going for a rustic appeal to the interior and exterior of the barn you can get it customized accordingly.pole-barn-kits

How to choose a pole-barn kit

You need to be very sure of the products you are purchasing as you will be doing a DIY project. Clear instructions for each part of the pole-barn kit is necessary. The roofing and siding should come with an extended warranty. Especially for the paint job, the warranty should be 40 years or so.

Some companies may come with the option of in-house finance and even toll-free customer services. They may also offer assistance with the building process as well. The important thing is first to spend some time searching for the right company that fulfills all your specifications.

Several national regional and local firms offer high-quality DIY pole barns at a suitable cost. It is going to save quite a bit of money if you choose a DIY pole barn kit rather than hiring a crew to build it.

You can also lock in a kit with companies and book it through a telephone call. Getting a quote beforehand can help with deciding what suits your budget and what kind of material you can work with.

Everything about a pole-barn kit

Pole barn kits were initially one of the most convenient and affordable options for storage. These were primarily built by farmers to store produce and other items. This helped reduce the storage cost of hiring a warehouse space.

Pole barn kits weren’t as easy to work with as they are today. With aluminum rods and poles to hold the structure in place, the process was rather time-consuming and labor intensive.

However, DIY pole barn kits are extremely easy to work with, and the step by step guide that comes with the package makes it easier for a beginner as well.

Other uses for a pole barn

There are many applications for pole barns. Of course, you can still utilize the structure for storage purposes and save quite a bit, but there are many other things you can use the kit for.

Since these kits offer you the chance to customize the design you can opt for whatever needs you want to fulfill. Some users will create storefronts using the kit; it can be turned into a man cave, a gaming room or anything else you would like it to be.

It can also come in handy when you are trying to store your lawn mowers, four wheelers, snowmobiles and so on.  If you do not have enough space in the basement or attic for storage, then DIY pole barn its offer the best possible option for building and customizing your very own storage.

Pole barns can also serve as a separate designated area for fun activities, and you can host movie nights, barbeques and parties there. This is also an excellent option for creating a separate guest area where visitors can easily stay without disturbing your privacy. Pole barns are versatile and convenient along with them being cost- effective.

A garage

If your property does not come with a built-in the garage, then you are in for quite a spend. The economical option, however, is to install a pole-barn using a pole-barn DIY kit. Since they are highly customizable, you can add the electronic features of a garage and use as much space or as less as suits your needs.  You can also create an additional storage space within the garage and keep all the things that need to be put away here.

For the Horse

If you have a pet horse than this will be the best thing you can do for your furry friend. The basic structure of the barn can be customized to create a stable –like structure for your horse or horses. You can utilize the structure to create a resting space for your horse and create a course outside the pole-barn for a specific place designated for training.

The durability of the pole-barn

These structures are very durable. Materials such as concrete, the columns, the roofing and the siding are quite durable. Along with long-term warranties such as 40years and 25 years for the paint and the corrosion, you are going to make an investment that will pay for itself and is worth it. Unless you want to add features to space, there is not much maintenance required for these structures. The foundation of these structures is also quite sturdy, and you will not be facing any problems with ground sinking and another such phenomenon. However, it is necessary to understand the chemistry of the ground you are going to be building on before you get the kit.

The insulation and the frame

The walls of a pole barn structure are not designed to bear the excessive load, which means you cannot build upon the structure as you would over a traditional wall. This, however, can be seen as a positive because it offers greater insulation than a house. If you are planning to spend your days in the pole barn, you won’t have to deal with any loss of insulation. These structures are compact and thanks to the option of adding electricity you can fix your dream cave with air conditioning or heating. Hanging out here will be fun rather than dealing with heat loss and drafts in your house.

What are the costs of this kit

Pole-barn kits are quite versatile and are known for their affordability. But, they can very well be priced according to their versatility and the option for customization. You can go as high as you like with the features and accessories that you want to add to the structure.

The basic structure with the traditional pole-barn accessories starts at $4000. This is usually for an average pole-barn. The cost will go higher depending on the size you want and the changes you would want to make.

If you are planning to get some help to build the structure, you may have to pay a little extra. You can do a little research and find companies that have toll free customer service and can assist you with the initial structuring and foundation installations.

A pole barn is one of the smartest investments you can make on a budget. They are excellent options for saving quite a bit on building costs.


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