Barndominium Floor Plans & Ideas For Your Home [2019]


What is a Bardominium?

Barns have been used widely in the countryside for the storage of grains, and for setting up stables or storing equipment and machinery. Farmers have also been using, pole-barns, specifically to raise chickens. But, this building style, more commonly known as the post-frame building, is not limited to barns and such spaces any longer.

The traditional barn-building has inspired modern building techniques, and several other uses for condominiums have emerged over the years.

Barndominiums are now inspiring home-building techniques and are also built to add more “living space” in a property. Moreover, homes are now being constructed based on the pole-barn building technique.

There are several barndominium inspired homes that offer barn-like storage space on the ground floor and proper home-like living space on the top floor. These homes are designed like apartments and studios that offer all the amenities of home.Barndominium Floor Plans

If the ground floor is not being utilized as a storage unit, some homeowners build the complete building as a residential space. These buildings are completed with concrete floors, high ceilings and even sliding doors.

Barndominiums can also be built as vacation homes in a remote area. If you are investing in a vacation-spot property, then you can save quite a bit by opting for a barndominium rather than building a cabin from scratch.

Barndominiums are cost-effective options that also require less maintenance than an average home. Besides these qualities, barndominiums are also energy efficient.

They have made building homes a more straightforward and less time-consuming task than traditional home building. The idea of a structure like that is also partly inspired by mobile homes.

Barndominiums can be permanent homes, built using a pre-manufactured kit. Everything needed to construct this abode is encased within a kit that also comes with instructions that offer the opportunity to DIY your home rather than investing thousands into labor.

Pole-barn inspired homes are the latest most significant trend being adopted as a means of owning a home. Owners are now concerned with land-investments and prefer to set up their homes the Pole-barn method.

 Features of a Barndominium

Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominiums offer the following features

  • Tall ceilings ( 9-feet to be exact)
  • Concrete slabs that have been engineered for these homes
  • Windows that help preserve energy
  • Insulation (spray foam)
  • Plumbing options
  • Electricity supply
  • A concrete floor that can be tainted if needed

There isn’t much difference in the appearance of a warehouse and a barndominium. Both are built incorporate similar techniques and construction principles, yet one can be turned into the most comfortable home by customizing it for use.

The exterior of barndominiums can also be changed to the owners liking. Making it seem like a design choice rather than a pole-barn home.

The Benefits of a Barndominium

Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominiums are slowly but surely setting foot in the real estate market. Although most states are still unfamiliar with this option for housing, southern states like Texas have begun entertaining this idea to a large extent.

There is a lot about barndominium homes that can be appealing to homeowners. The most prominent fact that barndominium homes are far more cost-effective and affordable is the top benefit that attracts most people.

Bardominiums do not require the same resources and investment that a traditional home does. This also applies to the time it takes to build a traditional home and a bardominium. Some may argue that barndominium kits are overpriced and that the material encased in a kit can be purchased at a lower margin.

This may be true for experts and people who belong to the construction industry. Most construction experts have access to lumber yards and materials that provide them the opportunity to save on materials. But this does not apply to a Layman, for the first time DIY barndominium home builder, the kit is saving grace.


The pole-barn home kit comes encased with materials that are ready to use, and you will find detailed instructions attached to the kit. Other than this, some companies even offer the services to make blueprints and assemble virtual drafts of floor plans for the kit-user.

Depending on where you get the kit from you can also get a 3D representation of what the entire floor plan for the bardominium will look like once it has been completed. All these details allow the owner to be in charge of the construction process and control the time it will take to complete the home.

Of course, you can always hire a professional constructor to assemble the barndominium using the kit, but these kits are user-friendly enough not to require any professional help.

The most appealing part of a bardominium besides the cost is the fact that companies offer customizable options. You can make it as much a “home” as you like. Even the dimensions, the paint and the taint on the floor are customizable.

The interior can be switched up to your liking. You can also build a loft and use the lower space as a garage or as storage.

Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominiums are versatile

They can be used for anything you like. If you already own a traditional home and have some extra property on hand, you can add a barndominium to it. This can be used as a space to work from, a man-cave, a gaming den or anything else you would like.

Following are a few ideas that can be applied to a barndominium

  1. Use it as a retail shop
  2. An area of entertainment
  3. As a garage
  4. A conference area to hold business meetings, etc
  5. As a place for fellowship

These are just a few ideas, but bardominiums are extremely versatile and customizable spaces. You can create a dream-home by adding your twist to the design and décor of the space.

There is so much that can be done to the interior such as

  1. Adding hardwood floors
  2. Kitchen counters with whatever materials you like, for example, granite.
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Heating
  5. Hot tubs, spas
  6. Fans
  7. Windows
  8. Art
  9. Picture framed walls

You can make a bardominium seem like a regular home by adding as much or as little as you like it.

Are Barndominiums suitable for living

Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominiums are as comfortable for living as traditional homes. In fact, they offer a much larger space at a cost where traditional homes would be much smaller.

You can add as much as you like to the living space and can add as many rooms as you would like. The maintenance costs of barndominiums are also comparatively less, and the exterior paint comes with a 25-year warranty. The exterior metal sheets come with a corrosion warranty for 40+ years. In short, it is safe to say that barndominiums are far most cost-effective to live in rather than a traditional house.

The tax rates of these homes are also quite appealing for homeowners. Deciding to get a barndominium built in a specific area can be daunting.

Barndominiums can be built anywhere you would like. You can also build it on a property that already has a traditional home. The main aspect of deciding where to build depends on what construction codes apply to the type of floor plan you are planning to build.

The law in your state may not allow you to build the dimensions you are looking for. States such as Texas are the perfect place to build barndominiums as they are a rising trend there and you can build whatever floor plans you like.

Brazos, which lies close to College station, is also an excellent choice along with places like Horse Bay, Mineral Wells, and Marble Falls are an excellent choice for building pole-barn based homes. Fortworth, Austin, and Weatherford are also few of the top places offering opportunities to develop barndominiums.

If you are closer to any of these places, you can quickly get a permit and code authorized barndominium kits.

Barndominium Floor Plans

The cost and other estimates

As mentioned earlier, barndominiums are much cheaper than an average traditional home. But, specifying a cost for barndominiums, in general, is not possible as they can depend on the place they are being built.

A rough estimate, however, goes beyond $200,000 for a large barndominium. If you are looking to hire professionals to do the job, there are places where a professional will demand $85 per sqft.

These costs include the installation of the structure. All the other additions such as air conditioning, plumbing, installing heaters, insulation, hot tubs, etc. are surplus costs. If you are planning to install a complete kitchen with counter tops and everything, then you will have to pay extra costs for it.

However, depending on the area, you can get prices as low as $20 per sqft from professionals. Building the barndominium yourself will reduce any building costs that are incurred due to hiring professional help.

Barndominiums are thriving as housing properties. Markets are expanding, and the demand is increasing. Analysts are positive that this will bring about a reduction in prices of construction and kits in the more expensive areas.

Barndominium floor plans

Barndominium Floor Plans

Barndominiums are durable structures that are made of concrete and metal. They do not require foundations or layers of material to build on.

Following are options for barndominium floor plans that can give you an overview of options you can choose from.

Sample floor plans

This includes

  1. 1 bathroom, 1bedroom, 14’x24’336sq.ft of floor plans.
  2. 1bed and 1 bathroom, 25’x21’525 sqft
  3. 1bed and 1bath 30’x20’600 sqft
  4. 2 bed and 1 bath 30’x30’900 sq. ft
  5. 3 bed and 1 bath 30’x40’ 1200sq.ft
  6. 3 bed and 2 baths 30’x50’1500 sqft
  7. 3bed and 2 baths 30’x60’ 1800 sq.ft
  8. 1 bed and 1 bath 35’x20’700 sq.ft
  9. 2bed and 1 bath 35’x30’ 1050sq.ft
  10. 3bed and 2 baths 35’x50’ 1750 sq. ft
  11. 3bed and 2 baths 35’ x60’ 2100 sq.ft
  12. 2 bed and 1 bath 40’x20’800 sq. ft
  13. 2 bed and 2 bath 40’ x 30’ 1200 sq. ft
  14. 3 bed and 2 bath 40’ x 40’ 1600 sq.ft
  15. 4 bed and 2 bath 40’ x 50’ 2000 sq.ft
  16. 5 bed and 2 bath 40’ x 60’ 2400 sq.ft
  17. 2 bed and 1 bath 50’ x 20’ 900 sq.ft
  18. 3 bed and 2 bath 50’ x 30’ 1500 sq. ft
  19. 4 bed and 2 bath 50’ x 30’ 2000 sq. ft
  20. 4 bed and 2 bath 50’ x 50’ 2500 sq ft
  21. 5 bed and 3 bath 50’ x 60’ 3000 sq.ft

Depending on your needs you can decide on which even dimension you want to invest in. Making sure that the building is in accordance with the designated codes of the area is also mandatory.

In barndominiums, homeowners can invest in luxurious interiors such as nice bathrooms and granite kitchen counters. The garage space can also be quite large compared to traditional homes to accommodate more than one car.

Barndominiums have a modern, chic exterior that allows homeowners to paint and decorate it as they like. While most people believe that a pole-barn inspired home only offers metal sidings and roofing, this is not true. The laminated columns used to structure these buildings can bear the weight of other materials as well.

To get some inspiration, you can look up images for floor plans over the internet to decide what you would want to invest in. You can find detailed blueprints as well to help guide you through the decision.

Checking with the law that governs construction in your area can certainly be very useful before you invest in a specific floor plan.

Barndominiums have a large selection of floor plans, similar to that of a traditional home but without the extensive cost. A 5 bedroom home can be almost impossible to build in this economy, but barndominiums offer the chance to build a dream floor plan within budget.


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